For Life Science Sales & Marketing Professionals
  • Combines databases of 8 federal granting agencies
  • Powerful lead generaton database for Life Science Tool companies
  • Flexible marketing tool for marketing, product, and business development managers
  • 850,000 U.S. grants available
  • Contact information for most awardees
  • Grant abstract searchable
Search Grant Recipients for Your Specific Requirements
  • Powerful, flexible, and easy online search
  • Geography: search by state or specific zip codes
  • Application: antibodies, pcr, cell culture, oncogenes, siRNA, etc
  • Institution: search specific academic or commercial institutions
  • Search by Granting agency: NIH, NSF, NASA, DOD, DOE
Customized Grant Search Support
  • You define the search criteria
  • Monthly report to your sales organization
  • Emerging application trends
  • What SBIRs are getting funded
Focused, Cost Effective Sales and Marketing
  • Follow the money
  • Follow the application
  • Mine the geography
  • Mine the institution