Looking to expand your customer reach?
The USGRD is now offering an email delivery service for lists up to 100,000 emails. You simply provide us with your list, your opt-out list, and your email in text or html format and we will do the rest. All email blasts will comply with CAN SPAM laws. We charge for unbounced emails only and you will receive a detailed report for each blast. Click here for a typical Tracking Report. We have special pricing for our USGRD subscribers. Please email info@usgrd.com for inquiries.
  • Initial setup fee of $100 per text email or $250 per HTML email.
  • $100/1K un-bounced emails sent for the first 50K sent in a single email blast
  • The price will then drop to $80/1K sent for the remainder of the email blast
  • Special pricing available for USGRD subscribers
Frequently Asked Questions